️Cryosculpting = Fat Loss RESULTS!Before And Af…

️Cryosculpting = Fat loss RESULTS!Before and af…

❄️Cryosculpting = Fat loss RESULTS!

Before and after results achieved over a 6 months period. Using a combination of cryosculpting and RF/Fat Cav treatments..

Visit 1 – 2 pad cryosculpting session.
Visit 2- RF/Fat Cav treatment.
visit 3- 1 pad cryosculpting session.
visit 4- (the after pic) 2 pad cryosculpting session.. results to come from this session but we can’t wait!!

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The team at La Mode Hair and Beauty, Salon and Clinic, Gympie QLD are here to help. We cover most aspects of the hair and beauty industry including Napoleon Makeup, Creative Gel and Acrylic Nails, IPL, Microdermabrasion, Waxing, Cuts, Colours, Amore Hair Extensions, Keratin Straightening, Sun FX Spray Tans and Knotty Boy Dreads. We carry and use well trusted brands including Wella, Goldwell, Napoleon Perdis, GHD, SunFX.

️Cryosculpting = Fat loss RESULTS!

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