Laser Skin Treatment

Laser Pigmentation Treatment or Melasma with Q-Switched Nd:YAG

Lasers have revolutionized the treatment of many dermatological conditions. One of them is pigmentary disorders. Although many pigmentary disorders have shown good results with laser treatments, the efficacy and safety of lasers for the treatment of melasma is still controversial.

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We offer Free Treatment Consultations in order to help you make an informed choice about the treatments best suited for you! We are carrying out a treatment consultation with every client before proceeding with any treatment.

Clinical Lucas Plus

A Q-Switched and G-Mode Nd:YAG Laser System, a new definition of optimum efficacy for the removal of various pigmented lesions and tattoos of all ages.

The modular construction of the Clinical LUCAS PLUS lends itself to a slimmer model design that is convenient to accommodate in smaller clinics and easier for technical support and maintenance.

Melasma is an acquired pigmentary condition characterized by brownish hyper-pigmented macules usually found on both sides of the face.

The Clinical LUCASPLUS Toning is a gold standard for melasma treatment today due to its ability to selectively destroy excess melanin cells, with minimal thermal diffusion using a stable and constant lower fluence leaving the surrounding tissue untouched.

In the same way that the Melanosomes absorb the Q-Switched energy and are destroyed, Tattoo ink treated with the Clinical LUCASPLUS also show exceptional results on most colours and inks.

Clinical Magma

The ‘MAGMA’ system is a unique and innovative platform that enhances today’s approach to Medical Aesthetic Treatments. The MAGMA features a unique combination of a 808nm laser diode, 1064nm Long Pulse Nd:YAG and IPL technologies.

World’s Fastest Treatments at 18cm² per second

Correct Skin Pigment Analysis with Melanin Meter

All 6 Skin Types Treatable with Safe Settings

5 different Speed Pulse Options for selected Comfort Levels and all Skin Types

Super Chill, No Waiting, 4°C Contact Cooling

The Magma features one of the fastest Hair Removal treatments in the world, allowing a coverage area of up to 18cm² per second.

Why choose the Clinical Magma System?

The Clinical Magma Platform offers a unique combination of diode laser, Nd:YAG and IPL applications, offering the next generation in fast, effective light-based treatments.

IPL Applicators

Featuring one of the highest pulse density modulations on the market, the Clinical Magma IPL function offers up to 22J/cm2 in fewer than 5ms, offering a safer, more effective treatment with faster results and a significant reduction in patient discomfort. This sets a new standard for treatment of acne, photoageing and hair removal.

With its flexible configuration, the Clinical Magma allows practitioners to combine the IPL and laser technologies in the one system, creating highly customisable treatments for each individual patient and their unique concerns.

1064nm Nd:YAG Laser

The Nd:YAG laser mode is powered by a Diode laser, and guarantees a lifespan of up to six times the average Nd:YAG applicator. It offers ease of treatments, providing three replaceable diameter tips: 3mm for fine vessels, 6mm for medium veins, and 8mm for deep veins/larger areas. The Nd:YAG mode also utilises the Clinical Magma’s advanced cooling system as well as a diode pointer for precision and reduced discomfort.

Before proceeding

Carrying out a Skin Consultation with a Client before performing any treatment is highly advisable.

When carrying out a Skin Treatment Consultation it is advisable that the client fills out a Consultation form and Signs the form prior to any treatments. A Skin consultation card is used to find out if there are any contraindications which may prevent you from carrying out any treatment.

Recommended for:

Laser toning
Non-ablative skin rejuvenation
Inflammatory acne
Nevus of ota
Soft peel
Skin whitening
Pore reduction
* Can be used on all colours except green.